Envis Centre, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2022



ALOK SINHA , Professor

Email: alok@iitism.ac.in aloksinha11@yahoo.com
Mob : +91-326-2235610 ; +91-9471518560

Qualification: BE -Civil Engineering (ZHCET, Aligarh),
                         ME- Hydraulic Structures (ZHCET, Aligarh) ,
                         PhD -Environmental Engineering (IIT Kanpur)
Specialization Environmental Engineering
Research Interest Industrial waste water treatment, Groundwater Remediation, Groundwater modeling, Fate and transport of Contaminant in surface and sub-surface environment, Optimization Techniques


ANSHUMALI , Professor & HOD

Email: anshumali@iitism.ac.in
Mob : +91-326-2235645 ; +91-9934556176

Qualification: M.Sc.(Botany, B.H.U.),
                         M.Phil(Environmental Science, JNU) ,
                         Ph.D.(Environmental Science, JNU)
Specialization Environmental Ecology, Microbiology, Biogeochemistry
Research Interest Biogeochemistry of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, Biodiversity, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution


ASHOK KUMAR SINGH , Rajiv Gandhi Chair Professor

Email: singhashok0707@gmail.com
Mob : +91-326-2235247 ; +91-9006553502

Qualification: B.Tech. (Mining Engg), CISM,
                         DISM (L/W Mechanisation), DIM, FCC (Coal)
Specialization Land Reclamation, Reduction of GHG due to Mining by CBM/CMM, U/G Coal Gassification, OB Dump Stabilisation (internal & external)
Research Interest Mine Environment-Impact & Management



Email: palasim2003@yahoo.co.in
Mob : +91-326-2235463 ; +91-9939160256

Qualification: BSc (Chemistry Hons),
                         Graduateship (Industrial Engg.),
                         M Tech (Ind. Engg. & Mgmt),
                         Ph.D ((Ind. Engg. & Mgmt)
Specialization Air and Noise pollution, Ergonomics
Research Interest Air Quality status, modelling and impact assessment; Noise Quality status, modelling and impact assessment; Ergonomics application to occupational health and safety in mines; Quality of Life based Socio-economic development Planning



Email: biswajit@iitism.ac.in dr_bpaul@yahoo.com
Mob : +91-326-2235423 ; +91-9431125959

Qualification: B.Tech (Mining Engg),
                         Ph.D (Mining Environment),
Specialization Mining Environment, Underground Coal Mining, Land Reclamation, Mine Legislation and Safety, MIne Closure
Research Interest Land Reclamation, Fly-ash Utilization, Mine Fill, Slag Utilization


BRIJESH KUMAR MISHRA, Associate Professor

Email: brijesh@iitism.ac.in bkmishra3@rediffmail.com
Mob : +91-326-2235752; +91-9471191704

Qualification: B.Tech (Ag. Engg.) ,
                         M.Tech (Environmental Engg.),
                         Ph.D (ISM, Dhanbad)
Specialization Water & Wastewater Engineering
Research Interest Treatment of Water & Waste water by physical, chemical and biological method; Enhance coagulation process for removal of pollutant from water; Pollution exposure and its risk assessment; Solid & Liquid Waste Management; Pollution Control


CHIRANJIB BANERJEE, Assistant Professor (Visiting)

Email: chiranjib@iitism.ac.in cbanerjee310@gmail.com
Mob : +91-8918061496

Qualification: B.Sc., Biotechnology (University of Burdwan),
                         M.Sc., Biotechnology (Vidyasagar University),
                         Ph.D (BIT, Mesra)
Specialization Algal Biotechnology
Research Interest Env. Biotech, Bioenergy, Biofuel



Email: gurdeep@iitism.ac.in
Mob : +91-6546-264279 (O); +91-6546-262342 (R); +91-9431711184

Qualification: B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry,
                         M.Sc., Ph.D ISM, Dhanbad ,
Specialization Water & Air Pollution; Environmental Aspects of Solid Waste Disposal/Utilization; EIA ; Environmental Auditing
Research Interest Water & Air Pollution; Environmental Aspects of Solid Waste Disposal Utilization; EIA and Environmental Auditing


MADHUMITA PATEL , Assistant Professor

Email: madhumita@iitism.ac.inmanishjkm@gmail.com
Mob : +91-326- ; +91 9476315980
Website : http://manishjkm.tripod.com

Qualification: B.Tech. – Chemical Engineering (IGIT Sarang -
                         Govt. Engg College), Odisha India)
                         M.Tech. – Chemical Engineering (IIT Delhi)
                         Ph.D. – Mechanical Engg- Engineering Management
                                       (University of Alberta, Canada)
Specialization Waste to Energy, Up-cycling of plastic waste, Life Cycle Assessment and techno economic analysis, coprocessing of biofuels with refinery process modelling.
Research Interest Biomass/Waste to biofuels and value-added chemicals, Upcycling of plastics through catalysis, Waste management, Life cycle assessment and techno-economic assessment of bioenergy network, Coprocessing of biofuels with refinery, Environmental Aspects of Industries


MANISH KUMAR JAIN , Associate Professor

Email: manish@iitism.ac.in manish@gamil.com
Mob : +91-326-2235476 ; +91-9431711095
Website : http://manishjkm.tripod.com

Qualification: B.E. – Mining Engg. ( Nagpur Univ.),
                         M.Tech. – Environmental Science & Engg (ISM Dhanbad),
                         Ph.D. – Mining Engg- Fly Ash Management ( IIT Kharagpur)
Specialization Mine Environment, Material Handling, Mine Surveying
Research Interest Fly ash Utilization in Mining areas, Environmental Management, Air Pollution Environmental Aspects of Mining Industry, Remote Sensing & GIS


PRASOON KUMAR SINGH , Associate Professor

Email:pks0506@iitism.ac.in pks0506@yahoo.co.in
Mob : +91-326-2235415 ; +91-9431711057

Qualification: M.Sc. (Geology),
                         M.Tech. (Environmental Sc. & Engg.),
                         Ph. D. (Geology)
Specialization Environmental Geology, Environmental Hydrogeology, Landuse Planning & Management, Watershed Management, Noise Pollution, Water Resource Management
Research Interest Remote Sensing & GIS, Impact of Climate change on Water Resources


SAIFI IZHAR, Assistant Professor

Email: saifi@iitism.ac.in saifi@iitism.ac.in
Mob : +91-326-2235416; +91-9935679065

Qualification: BTech (Dept. of Civil Engg., Aligarh Muslim University)
                         MTech (Dept. of Environmental Engg. & Mgmt., IIT Kanpur)
                         PhD (Dept. of Civil Engg., IIT Kanpur)

Specialization Air Quality and its chemical and optical characterization (BC and BrC); Source apportionment; Atmospheric Processing of aerosols; Fog-aerosol interactions; Application of Low-cost sensors; Personal exposure and Deposition modeling
Research Interest -


SARAVANAN PICHIAH , Associate Professor

Email: saravananpichiah@iitism.ac.in saravananpichiah@iitism.ac.in
Mob : +91-326-2235995; +91-9791561099

Qualification: BTech (Chemical Engg., University of Madras, Chennai)
                         PGDMIT (Biomedical Engg., CIT(Autonomous), Coimbatore) 
                         MTech (Environmental Engg., VIT University, Vellore)
                         PhD (Chemical Engg., IIT Guwahati)

Specialization Environmental Nanotechnology, Materials Chemistry, Microbial Fuel Cell
Research Interest Development of Nanomaterials and Electrodes for Sustainable Environmental & Energy Applications


SHEEJA JAGADEVAN , Associate Professor

Email: sheejaj@iitism.ac.in sheeja.jagadevan@gmail.com
Mob : +91-9471192462; +91-9471192462

Qualification: MSc (Env. Sc., Andhra University, Visakhapatnam),
                         MTech (Env. Sc. & Engg., IIT-Bombay),
                         PhD (Engineering Science, University of Oxford)
Specialization Remediation by advanced oxidation processes, Bioremediation.
Research Interest Industrial wastewater treatment using advanced oxidation processes, Biological wastewater treatment, Remediation of heavy metals, Methanotrophs in bioremediation of polluted sites.



Email:subodh@iitism.ac.in skmism1960@gmail.com
Mob : +91-326-2235467 ; +91-9471191278

Qualification: MSc (Botany specialization Microbiology; Calcutta Univ.),
                         M.Tech (Env. Sc. & Engg. IIT B),
                         Ph.D (Env. Sc. & Engg. ISM, Dhanbad)
Specialization Ecology; Environmental microbiology, Restoration ecology, Biological Waste Water Treatment, EIA
Research Interest Biological reclamation of mined out areas, Bioremediation of heavy metals in metallic waste, Biological wastewater treatment, Bioremediation of Fly ash, EIA


SUKHA RANJAN SAMADDER , Associate Professor

Email: samadder@iitism.ac.in
Mob : +91-326-2235984 ; +91-9471191823

Qualification: B. E (Civil Engineering; NIT Surat),
                         M.Tech (Environmental Engineering, IIT Roorkee),
                         Ph.D (Environmental Engineering, IIT Kharagpur)
Specialization Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Broad Based Environmental Management
Research Interest Water & Wastewater Management, Remote Sensing & GIS, Solid Waste Management and Life Cycle Assessment



Email: sunil@iitism.ac.in
Mob : +91-326-2235474; +91-9431126495

Qualification: B.E. Civil Engg.,
                         M.E. Env. Engg.,
                         Ph.D Env. Science & Engg.
Specialization Water & Wastewater Engineering & Management.
Research Interest - Mathematical modelling and kinetic studies in biodegradation of industrial wastewaters
- Design of Drinking Water and Effluent Treatment Plants, Treatment of Mine wastewater containing heavy metals, Fly Ash Management. Assessment, generation & treatment of leachate from sanitary & secured landfills
- Municipal Solid & Hazardous Wastes Management


SURESH PANDIAN E , Associate Professor

Email: espandian@iitism.ac.in sureshpandiane82@gmail.com
Mob : +91-326-2235753; +91-9471191703

Qualification: B.Tech in Chemical Engineering (Arunai Engg College / 
                         University of Madras) ,
                         M.Tech in Environmental Engineering (Pondicherry 
                         Engg College ),
                         Ph.D. in Air Quality Modeling (IIT Guwahati)
Specialization Air pollution
Research Interest Monitoring and modeling of Vehicular exhaust emissions characterization of emissions from non-homogeneous traffic study of air pollutants dispersion.


TINESH PATHANIA , Assistant Professor

Email: tineshpathania@iitism.ac.in tineshpathania@iitism.ac.in
Mob : +91-8828290580

Qualification: B.Tech. in Civil Engg. (NIT Hamirpur),
                         M.Tech. in Civil Engg. (IIT Guwahati) ,
                         Ph.D in In-situ Groundwater Bioremediation
                         (IIT Bombay)
Specialization -
Research Interest Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Modelling, Multispecies Reactive Transport Modelling, Modelling groundwater processes using finite difference (FDM), finite element (FEM) and meshless methods, In-situ Groundwater Bioremediation


VIPIN KUMAR , Associate Professor

Email: vipinmicro1@iitism.ac.in vipinmicro1@gmail.com
Mob : +91-326-2235643 ; +91-9471191352

Qualification: B.Sc (Hons) Zoology,
                         M.Sc.(Microbiology) ,
                         Ph.D (Environmental Biology)
Specialization Environmental Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bioremediation, Microbial Ecology
Research Interest Microbial remediation, Bio-fertilizers and Bio-pesticides, Solid waste management, Organic farming, vermicomposting, Biological reclamation of soil, Biological waste water treatment, Biodiversity


VITTAL H , Assistant Professor

Email: vittal@iitism.ac.in vipinmicro1@gmail.com
Mob : +91-326-2235xxx ; +91-9167467068

Qualification: B.Tech - Environmental Engg. (SJCE, Mysore),
                         M.Tech - Environmental Engg. (NIT Karnataka, Surathkal) ,
                         Ph.D - Environmental Engg. (IIT Bombay)
Specialization Hydroclimatology
Research Interest Dynamics of Indian summer monsoon rainfall, Heatwaves, Drought, Tropical Cyclones, Vulnerability, Climate Risk