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| Last Updated: 02/09/2020

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09 October - 11 October 2019: 4th International Mining Symposium WISSYM 2019


October 09, 2019 - October 11, 2019 | Chemnitz, Germany


Hotel Chemnitzer Hof, Theaterplatz 4


Shaping the future: Long-term experiences and innovations in mine remediation


The worldwide demand for raw materials has led and still leads to rigorous mining in many places with corresponding impacts on humans and the environment. Ensuring an appropriate remediation of such mining sites may require decades.


  • Destroyed landscapes need to be re-shaped in order tocreate new perspectives for the re-use and to offer new habitats for nature.
  • Innovative and efficient remediation technologies are to be developed.
  • The know-how gained helps to optimize future mining and to minimize long-term impacts on the environment.


The 4th International Mining Symposium WISSYM 2019 provides again a platform for exchange and discussion of experiences in mine remediation. For this, we kindly invite experts of national and international remediation and mining companies, scientists, representatives of permitting authorities and administrations, as well as consulting agencies. We would like to discuss ideas and remediation strategies as well as perspectives and challenges in shaping a livable and sustainable future at former mining sites.




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