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| Last Updated: 17/09/2022

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16 September - 18 September 2019: 13th Indian Coal Markets Conference


September 16, 2019 - September 18, 2019 | Kolkata, India


ITC Sonar, Kolkata


mjunction services limited is happy to announce the 13th Indian Coal Markets Conference and Awards Dinner 2019.


The Indian coal sector is witnessing a renewed surge in demand that has resulted in a rebound in coal imports in 2018-19 despite a high 7 percent growth in domestic production. The outlook for the current year remains mixed as slackness in Coal India's overburden removal puts a question mark over the output growth. In captive coal segment, doubts remain over the success of the government's plan to launch the next round of auctions. Also, the initial optimism over the proposed introduction of commercial mining seems to be fading with time. In such a situation, how will the demand be impacted if the power sector witnesses higher PLF? How will the supply-demand dynamics change if commercial mining is started in earnest? Is India headed for another upswing in coal imports during the next 2-3 years?


These and many other questions would come up for discussions in the 13th Indian Coal Markets Conference. The theme of the conference has been chosen as “Indian coal: self-sufficiency need of the hour.”


Some key topics to be discussed in the conference this year -


  • Will India ever become self-sufficient in thermal coal?
  • India's thermal power sector: A mid-to-long term outlook
  • Can coal survive the RE blitzkrieg?
  • Global coal prices: Will there be an upturn post lull?
  • Is shrinking investment reducing the lifeline of SA coal industry?
  • Show me the coal: India's search for met coal mines abroad
  • Power tariff reforms: An unfinished agenda
  • Will DFC make India's freight cost competitive?
  • IMO's 2020 sulphur emission regulation: Impact on ocean trade




Contact Information:

Soumitra Bose
Phone:+91 92 3100 0232
Amit Surana
Phone:+91 8336 925976