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| Last Updated: 25/11/2021

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22 April 2021: World Earth Day 2021


Date | April 22, 2021:

On the occasion of 51st Anniversary of "Earth Day", ENVIS Resource Partner at Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, IIT(ISM) ENVIS Centre has prepared an e-Poster and is organizing an online competition - "Show your Imagination & Say Loud your Slogan/Quote".


  • Online Competition for School-going & UG/PG Students.
    • Category - I (NURSERY)
    • Category - II (CLASS-I TO CLASS-III Students)
    • Category - III (CLASS-IV TO CLASS-VI Students)
    • Category - IV (CLASS-VII TO CLASS-IX Students)
    • Category - V (CLASS-X TO CLASS-XII Students)
    • Category - VI (UG/PG Students)
  • Free Online Registration, Participation & Submission of your Entry.
  • Do not copy your drawing or the slogan/quotes. Any such Entry found will be discarded and will not be considered for the competition.
  • Your Drawing should also contain an impactful Slogan/Quote or else your entry will not be eligible for the competition.
  • Last Date of Submission of your Entry: 02.05.2021 (Sunday).
  • e-Certificate will be awarded to all the participants.



Participation Link: