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| Last Updated::21/06/2021

Major Activity


Webinar on "Ecosystem Restoration" at IIT(ISM) ENVIS Centre, Department of ESE, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad


Date | 5th June 2021

The Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad in association with ENVIS Resource Partner, IIT(ISM) ENVIS Centre organized a Webinar on the World Environment Day (WED), 5th June 2021. This year’s World Environment Day theme was ‘Ecosystem Restoration'. The 2-hours webinar focused on Reimagine-Recreate-Restore our ecosystems and aid the undamaged resources. This webinar aimed to inspire everybody for their action and engagement towards adopting sustainable practises while being mindful about the issues around them.


At the onset of the event, Prof. Anshumali, Head of Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad and Coordinator, IIT(ISM) ENVIS Centre welcomed all the dignitaries and participants with his welcome address. On the behalf of the Chief Guest of WED function (Professor Rajiv Shekhar, Director, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad), the Guest of Honour of the webinar, Prof. Salivahan, Dean (R&D), IIT(ISM) Dhanbad delivered a wonderful remarks about the World Environment Day i.e. WED should not be a day specific event, rather should be celebrated round the year so that people are reminded about the significance of the “Ecosystem”. The key Resource Person for the webinar was Dr. A.K. Malhotra, Former PCCF & Head, Forest Force, Government of Jharkhand; Former Joint Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources; Former Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, and at present Member, EACs: Non-Coal Mining and River Valley & Hydroelectric Projects. The expertise and experiences of Dr. A.K. MAlhotra was recited by Prof. SheeJa Jagadevan, ESE/IIT(ISM) Dhanbad. Dr. Malhotra delivered a talk on “Ecosystem Restoration” where he emphasized the restoration of linkage between solar radiation and producers (vegetation) to maintain the stability of ecosystem structure and function. Dr. Malhotra highlighted the impacts of anthropogenic activities especially land use and land cover change, effluent discharge and air pollution on the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, agriculture, livelihood practices, and posing threat to food and water security for ever increasing human population. He also placed ten commands for participants to promosie not to misuse natural resource availability so that the concept to restore-recreate and reimagine our ecosystem can be preserved for the future generation. At the end of his talk a Q&A session was organized were participants put forward few of their queries and it was followed by a vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Vipin Kumar, Co-coordinator, IIT(ISM) ENVIS Centre. About 200 participants took part in the webinar which included Students, Research Scholars, Teachers, Faculty Members, Scientist and Working Professionals from various institutes and organizations. At the end of the webinar, e-certificates were distributed among the participants.




Prof. Shalivahan
Dean (R&D), IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

Prof. Anshumali
Head of Dept. of ESE, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad &
Coordinator, IIT(ISM) ENVIS Centre


Distinguished Guests & Faculty Members



Q&A Session

Vote of Thanks proposed by
Prof. Vipin Kumar, Co-coordinator,




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